Importance of processes. In-depth knowledge of markets. Convictions. Our investment experts have just one goal in mind – making asset management a tool for creating value.

Asset Management

Three distinct approaches

The investment professionals on our asset management team possess talent, experience and proven know-how, as can be seen in the quality of their performances and results. With a clear focus on risk management and capital preservation, our strategies aim, above all, to be dynamic, innovative and flexible. They are now expressed in specific and complementary approaches, with each addressing the personal goals of each of our clients.

Business Investing

Applying a corporate methodology to listed markets, the Business Investing approach aims to manage an equity portfolio like an industrial holding company. It is implemented through the LongRun Equity strategy.


The Thematicapproach is based on the principle of active management revolving around three components: a long-term vision, solid opinions and stock-picking based on qualitative and quantitative factors.


Based on analysis of fundamental and technical factors, the Systematic approach aims to outperform the market over the long-term by combining diversified asset allocation, diversified assets, robust risk management, and clear investment processes.