Whether investing in the leaders of the Swiss economy or tapping into the growth generated by the major trends that will shape tomorrow’s world, it is our view that performance is achieved only through thorough investment processes, as well as solid and broadly shared views that are backed by long-term vision.

Thematic approach

Mastery of a strategy, backed by the strength of opinions

By working directly with our private clients and the family offices that we assist, we have developed an active investment approach with three components: a long-term vision, convictions on promising investment themes, and the bank’s proprietary method for selecting companies, which includes quantitative and qualitative criteria in all cases.

This strategy is now implemented via two thematic certificates that supplement our offering with extensive diversification. Concentrated on 20 to 30 global companies, the various asset allocations on offer aim to both be flexible and generate long-term performance.

Processus d'investissement

  • Identifying an investment universe
  • Screening via proprietary quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Making a final selection of securities and constructing a concentrated portfolio