Secure banking

  • Banque Pâris Bertrand SA has voluntarily opted not to engage in any significant financing activity involving balance sheet risk. Therefore, the Bank enjoys a very high Tier 1 ratio
  • The Bank’s equity is mainly invested with central banks.

Treatment of clients’ assets:

1. Cash :
  • The Bank does not solicit savings deposits of its clients on its books.
  • Cash is transferred to external counterparties with top Ratings (Rabobank, BNP Paribas, …) . Clients can choose the counterparties
  • The bank does not receive or hold any physical deposits of banknotes, precious metals, securities or valuables and do not trade any kind of cashier or cash exchange operations at the entrance.
2. Stocks, bonds, investment funds and other securities :
  • Deposited to global non-bank custodians : Cedel, Euroclear, … (list can be provided on request)
  • In case of bankruptcy, the Federal Swiss Law automatically segregates clients’ assets from the Bank’s assets

Clients’ assets (fiduciaries and securities deposits) are totally segregated from the Bank’s balance sheet

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